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I love my Mom. I miss her. It’s been almost two decades since I was able to put my arms around her. I would give anything to have a portrait of her.
Open to all past clients: call or contact me for a complimentary $100 gift certificate you can give to mom on Mother’s Day. My gift to you and your mom.
No strings attached and no spam. If you’ve been a client of mine before I’d love to thank you this way. And you’ll have a whole year to use it. Has your mom talked about getting a family portrait? Here’s your chance to help her make it happen.

I love this quote; it’s something that I have been thinking and saying for a while.  But Sue Bryce has managed to articulate it for me so well.

“Sometimes I go to share something and I feel a need to hold back, then I remember I once read if you never give away your knowledge you stay stuck. If you give it away you FORCE yourself to create more. So true but the question is. What is original, NOTHING. IT’S not yours anyway you don’t own a single thing. In fact as you create there are people all over the world thinking and creating something similar they are all thinking they have original thought. Nothing is original, nothing BELONGS to you. Create, share and then create more. You will be richer don’t hold/hoard/think you are the owner. You are a vessel. That’s the gift of a teacher, of a creator, of a photographer, of a service provider. Possession is limited. Giving is divine.”
Sue Bryce, In Bed With Sue

Reminds me of a Buddhist proverb: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

🙂 It’s a beautiful life. Go have a beautiful day.

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