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Laurel was one of the last seniors I shot in the fall after a busy senior season. She came to me as a referral from another client, which I love. I really connected with Laurel and her mom, Deanna, and had a great time at our session.

I could only find one tree in Depot Park with leaves on it–but they were a glorious yellow and we certainly made the most of them!

You know Laurel, you really look like that movie girl–what’s her name? Kristen Stewart?

:eyeroll: “I’ve heard that before…”

Only much, much prettier!!

Do you ever have something you need to do and then you put it off and it gets harder and harder to do? Yeah, that never happens to me. Ha!

Blogging can be like that sometimes. I love writing and I actually love blogging, but sometimes it gets pushed back until it seems like I’ll never get it done! So I’m catching up on my blogging this week. What have I been up to? I’ve been doing a little graphic design on the side this winter and enjoying working with a really great photographer in that capacity. I’ve had a few photo shoots that I need to blog about this week–my last senior shoot in the fall still hasn’t been blogged! That is coming up, as well as a sibling shoot from January and a newborn shoot from last weekend.

I’ve been happy with my work flow and I’ve started picking up some bookings for the spring. I’m really looking forward to getting back outdoors for some senior and maternity shoots I have scheduled. I’ve also picked up a few weddings and engagement shoots as well as an anniversary session. I can’t wait for green grass, flowers, and warm sunsets!!

I did make a quick pit-stop at the Grand Haven beach on Saturday with my niece to try and get a few sunset photos. But we were not quite dressed for the extremely cold wind chill. And there were too many people there. And it was too cold. And I couldn’t get a shot of the lighthouse without people in it. Did I mention it was very cold? And why were there so many people there? Oh well. I’ll share a few of the photos I took anyway… I plan to go back when it’s a little warmer. Get ready, Jessica; spring is coming and we’ll be taking a lot more photos soon!

There was an early morning fog, which I blissfully slept through. I stayed up late last night watching the last of the Downton Abbey Season 3 episodes on PBS.org. Since I missed the series on broadcast television and wanted to see what the fuss was about, I’ve been watching the shows online. I caught up with Season’s 1 and 2 on Hulu, then noticed that the shows on PBS were due to expire on March 3, so I thought I better watch them quickly, before they were gone. No spoilers–the last episode was a bit of a shocker–if you haven’t watched the show, you must. That is all.

So yes, I was tired and slept through this morning’s fog. But the resulting frost was beautiful and I made it outside with my camera just in time to catch a few photos before it was burned off by the sun.

F a c e b o o k
Y o u T u b e
P i n t e r e s t