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I have not been keeping up with blogging lately, but I thought I would bring out the What to Wear guide for next month. As we are told by people who know about these things, namely the color people at Pantone, emerald green is the color of the year for 2013. Sit up and take note, Irish lovers and St. Patty’s Day partiers–your color has arrived!
And if you’re in the preppy set or have ever sung the virtues of pink and green you’ll smile over this month’s collection. This is a truly adorable combination for a family portrait or even taken as individual outfits. Pour a draught and sail on!

This note is one of the most precious things I own. It’s from my youngest son, Mark.

“My mom is the most special mom in the world. She is kind to me. She never punishes me so that means she’s forgiving and sorry when she needs to. She is usualy positive. That’s good because then you can have fun with her. She is an explorer with her camera and gets the best pictures in the world. She also spends time with her family and that makes me happy. She is focused on her family. She also works on chores realy Hard. She is the best mom”

A little reflection of who I am.

Missy’s Creed

I believe in cause and effect. I believe
in the arrow of time; I believe in the answers
math and science offer us. I believe science
does not have all of the answers; especially
in matters of culture and consciousness. I believe in
love, sanctifying grace, and that there isn’t
much difference between
the two. I believe in forgiveness and
reconciliation. I believe in hearty appetites
and a good glass of wine. I believe in
winter sunrises and summer sunsets.
I believe I’ll have another cup of coffee
with vanilla chai spice. I believe in
international flavors. I believe my guardian angel
was taking a bath when I got in trouble;
trying to decide between the lavender
or chamomile bath salts. Flipping her blonde curls
to one side and looking up with
sparrow eyes, surprised. I believe
I felt my mother’s pain when she died;
like someone pulling on an organ
inside of me. I believe in prayer. I believe God
may be a woman; or a gay man.
I believe music can heal and
hurt. I believe music is a form of prayer.
I believe time heals some things;
but not all things. I believe in the collective
unconscious and the collective conscience.
I believe an ounce of prevention is worth
a pound of cure; a stitch in time saves nine;
a penny saved is just a penny. I believe a penny
spent is a piece of gum. I believe in
Santa Claus, but not the Easter Bunny.
I believe every time a bell rings, an angel
gets her wings.
I believe the tooth fairy missed
a lot of teeth. I believe when push comes to shove
you should shake hands and that a
handshake seals the deal. I believe in
kindness, honor, and respect. I believe in freedom,
free will and free pie; free trial offers and
letting freedom ring. I believe love is
hard to find; love makes the world go
‘round; all you need is love; love bears
all things, believes all things, hopes all things,
endures all things. I believe love never ends.
I believe.

F a c e b o o k
Y o u T u b e
P i n t e r e s t