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Memories… by Missy Francis Photography 

I was near my favorite lake last month and stopped by just to breath it in for a moment. So many Big Fish stories! I felt the ghosts of myself there in other days.

Like the last time I was out with a group of friends for a “boat night” and the motor quit on us! We went out on my neighbor’s pontoon boat about midnight and he cut the motor and we drifted, drank, and laughed for about an hour. When we decided it was time to head to shore… it wasn’t happening. So the guys on the boat started working on the engine. The girls sat and talked and laughed, enjoying the beautiful summer night on the lake and an excuse to be there.

Finally, somewhere around 3 in the morning one of the girls worriedly said she had to be down at Eastern Market selling veggies within 2 hours. Since Detroit is about an hour drive… we all looked at the guys fussing with the engine, looked at each other, then grabbed the lids off of our coolers and started paddling.  Within a few minutes we were on shore.

Of course the engine still needed fixing, but wasn’t that a better job for daylight on shore ANyway? Especially when the air is sultry, the water is warm, the stars are shining, the wine is good, and the company is delightful.

Even on a foggy winter morning I can squint my eyes a little and hear our laughter still echoing over the lake.

Kirsty is a sweet and shy beauty. With models like this, my job is easy. The rain broke up our first outdoor session, but the sun was with us when we tried again the following week. Kirsty’s mom, Lila, was just as sweet and kind as her daughter, showing extreme patience when we got rained out (not once, but twice!). 


At least we did manage to sneak in some of the pompon portraits before the clouds opened up. The wind was working with us in this image! 


I love this shot of Kirsty in mid-air!


I love that we included some Brandon High School icons in our portrait session.


And one with the Big “B!”

F a c e b o o k
Y o u T u b e
P i n t e r e s t