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Meet the Team

Wedding photography is about capturing that special moment in your life and transforming it into something you and your family will treasure for generations.

Let’s face it: professional portraits are a luxury item. They always have been. They are not an impulse buy. Most people don’t get professional portraits every year–and there may only be a few occasions in your life when you will hire a professional photographer. You may spend more than a year just shopping for the right photographer. And the portrait itself is very special; it’s not like buying a plasma TV. Think about this for a moment. Look at your last family portrait. If something happened to one of those people, if you lost one of your family members… now how much is that picture worth? How old is the oldest photograph you own? How precious is that? When natural disasters strike, what is the one thing people try to save or wish they had saved?

We will never take for granted what we do. What we create with our hands and equipment is art. It is visual, it is emotional, and it is valuable. Portraits, photographs, real photos you can hold in your hand or hang on your wall, are something that will be treasured for many generations.

Our goal in pricing our work is to honor that value while still allowing our clients the flexibility to choose what they want. We offer a bridal registry and easy payment plans to help you achieve your goal, to insure that you are able to have wedding photos you will treasure. And we stand behind our work doing everything we can to make you completely happy and delighted with your portraits.

Our style is creative, fun, romantic, real.

So. Congratulations! Your getting married! We can’t wait to be there celebrating with you.

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